Able Carpet Cleaning


Owning expensive area rugs is like having a double-edged sword — you love the look and feel of it but detest the care and maintenance associated with owning it.  Sure, you can go out and rent a carpet cleaning machine from your local grocery store, but you may get more than you bargained for — rugs can fade or shrink as they dry and colours can bleed if they aren’t treated with due care and specialised equipment.  We are an environmentally friendly company and won’t use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to people and pets.  Having professional rug cleaners come to your home or place of business for service or pickup can remove the stress of owning an expensive area rug, leaving only the joy and status of having one in the first place.


While we do recommend that our customers vacuum their carpets and rugs before we arrive, we’ll do a deep vacuuming job to ensure all the particulate soiling like grit and sand are removed prior to cleaning.  Some rug fibres are tightly woven and can really grab hold of dirt and soil that even the most efficient vacuum system can’t completely remove.

  • Steam cleaning ensures these hard-to-clean area rug fibres loosen and let go of stubborn particulates and odour.
  • Rug baths are used to remove urine and other stubborn stains and odours from carpet material.
  • Oscillating pads gently yet thoroughly scrub area rugs that are more resistant to releasing their hold on dirt and soil.
  • Dehumidifiers are used to reduce the chance of mould grown as carpets dry.  This also reduces the chance of carpets getting dirty before they’ve had a chance to completely dry.

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