Able Carpet Cleaning

Flood Restorations

When youve been bombarded by the stress of cleaning up after a flood man-made or natural disaster you can rest assured that Able Carpet Cleaning Canberra will help take on the burden of restoring stability and peace-of-mind to your life with our flood restoration services.  But dealing with a water disaster takes more than just intense clean up.  Mere hours after carpets, upholstery and area rugs are exposed to water, they begin to sprout mould and in some cases, toxic chemicals released during sewer backup.  There are many items in your home that cannot be removed into an area where they can be adequately dried.  That means insurance claims can be tricky and time consuming.  When youve been hit by a man-made or natural disaster, call Able Carpet Cleaning Canberras emergency 24-hour hotline.

It can be darned expensive to stay in a hotel while you deal with cleaning up after a flood.  You cant stay in your house because the damage poses a health risk.  Our rapid response technicians will help you get on with your life in a timely fashion flood restoration is our specialty, and our trained professionals will come to your home and do a thorough assessment of just what needs to be done to restore your upholstered furniture, carpets and area rugs.  We use industrial vacuums, drying chemicals, decontamination services and mould retardation chemicals so any damage can be restricted and contained.  If youve been hit by a hurricane, a large block of time may occur when you cant notify us of your emergency.  The longer mould, mildew and the resulting stains are in your upholstery, carpets and rugs, the harder it will be to completely restore them.  Mould and mildew arent just annoying stains to youll have to live with; they pose a dangerous health risk to the young, very old and to those who have existing health problems. 

We offer comprehensive flood restoration services for commercial and residential customers.  Our services include water extraction, dehumidification, cleaning and decontamination, mould remediation and temporary construction services.  When you need the best, call Able Carpet Cleaning Canberra.